$5 and Up Win at Roulette Strategy

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$5 and Up Win at Roulette Strategy

Please  take the next 5 minutes to read the following win at roulette strategy, and you will easily learn how to win at Roulette even if you have never played before.

To make a good profit, you should ideally have at least $40 as your initial playing deposit.

For table minimums of $5 and up I suggest you:

1. Plunk down $40 and get eight $5 chips.
2. Make four consecutive $5 bets, win or lose. If you haven’t won at least two of the four rounds, collect your remaining chips and try another table.
3. Quit and leave the table if you lose three bets in a row.
4. As long as you have more than four chips left, continue betting one unit at a time. Leave the table if you lose $20.

Once you’re ahead by $10 and as long as you keep winning, increase the amount of your bet by $5 each time. As soon as you have a losing round, start back at the table minimum.

Quit and take a break if you lose three times in a row.

This is just a simple way to start winning at Roulette. You may find other win at Roulette strategies that you might want to use. Before you try any new strategy  make sure to research it first and and then play some free games before risking your own money.

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