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My name is Mike Mantegna, I am a professional gambler for years now. I started around 1995 when online casinos weren’t born yet, but brick and mortar casinos were working on full power, gathering money.
It’s well known that the casino is the one who is winning against gamblers. It’s not easy to admit but I had years of frustrated gambling and sleepless nights. Of course there were some successes that kept me playing continuously but those winnings were far from backing up my losses. I was convinced that the base principles of turning the odds in my favor are the key to success and I wasn’t wrong.

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I became addicted to roulette game. I’m sure you will all agree that there is nothing better then fast, easy money without the real work… I knew that, to succeed to beat roulette I had to make a strategy, find out the key, the perfect add-on to the roulette game basic 2 rules and I’ll own the game. It’s not easy, that’s for sure, because logic says that casino’s wouldn’t exist at all if they didn’t make profit.
But still, casino’s can continue living from gamblers if they lose with 49% of their clients.

Finally years of playing roulette, studying and testing different approaches of the 2 basic rules, paid out. It was in a casino in Prague when it hit me. The solution was so simple, so obvious that I couldn’t believe it took me that long to figure it out.
It all happened in 2003. Since then my life completely changed, I’ve been traveling around the world, playing roulette with the Beat Roulette Strategy system in any possible casino and improving it. The conclusion after all these years?

It works!

During this time Beat Roulette Strategy made me a whole lot of cash but also lots of sleepless nights. Now, it basically turned into something like a job, I do it almost every day.
Roulette is a game, and in Beat Roulette Strategy manuala I will reveal how to play the game with the odds on your side.
Stop waiting for dumb luck to strike. It never will. What I am telling you right now is:

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